Can you stop tagging trans stuff in the blacksmithing tag? Like we get it, you’re a guy trying to creepily pose as a girl. Whatever. Just keep your disgusting inappropriateness out of the tag and to yourself. No one gives a shit. Man up and stop being a sissy. You have a dick. Not a cunt. Act like it.

I’m going to go and laugh like a sissy at the idea of you creepily hiding behind the anonymous tag, triggered by my cute little forged dragons. “Oh nooooo! This inanimate piece of metal was made by A TRANS PERSON!!!! THEREFORE IT IS GENDER DEVIANT! I must anonymously be mean to them FOR THE HONOR OF THE BLACKSMITHING TAG ON TUMBLR!” Dude. No one gives a shit. Get over yourself. Go to bed, it’s past your bedtime. #blacksmithing #transgender