Hi Willow My name is Matthew Dale and for my s…

Hi Willow My name is Matthew Dale and for my senior project I want to do something on blacksmith so I was wonder if you could answer these questions for me. Why you got into this. How long you have been blacksmithing. Any tips for me while making my project. If You are able to answer these I'll be very grateful and thank you for your time

Hi Matthew-

Thanks for your question! I’ve been blacksmithing on and off since 2004. I  answered a lot of to these questions in more detail in an article I wrote a few years ago for Autostraddle. My tips: don’t be afraid of hot metal, and get it hot enough, and most of all, to be a blacksmith, you don’t need brute force, you need finesse! Good luck on your senior project! 


Keep on smithin’!