Hi Willow! I am wondering if you offer any lo…

Hi Willow! I am wondering if you offer any local classes? We are in Watertown MA and I gather your studio is in Waltham. My son Roy has been asking to take a blacksmithing class for four years. He is 10 (soon to be 11) and identifies strongly with Heaphestus – the kindest greek god and amazing blacksmith to boot. Lmk if a local class would be within the realm of possibility. June is wide open as is a lot of July. Thanks for considering! Ruth & Roy

Hi, Ruth and Roy!

I teach at Prospect Hill Forge in Waltham. You can find all of our scheduled classes on our website at http://www.prospecthillforge.com/ical/month.php We have classes for younger students, and also general admission classes with people of all ages.

Looking forward to seeing you in the forge! 😀