Hi willow! I’m hoping to start blade smi…

Hi willow! I’m hoping to start blade smithing soon and was hoping if there was any youtubers you would suggest to help me get started since there isn’t a single schools any where near me.

Hi, Alfa Mechanic!

I’m glad that you are interested in smithing! For specifically knifey pointy stabbies Walter Sorrels has very clear instructional videos, as does Gough Custom Knives, and Gary Huston. If you are going to get into knife making, I’d also strongly consider taking some basic blacksmithing classes and/or just doing some non-stabby forging. Get comfortable moving and manipulating metal in more ways than just flat and pointed. It’ll make you that much better of a smith. Also, you’ll be able to forge most of your own tools which is a) cheaper b) satisfying c) hella smithly. 

Some excellent not-only-bladesmith-youtubers are Christ Centered Ironworks, Torbjorn Ahman, Joshua DeLisle, and especially DirtySmith. His Forging Fridays videos are simple, well filmed, and the techniques are traditional old school, well executed, and just really good. 

Also, though they’re slightly more about the show than the instruction, Man at Arms Reforged is an excellent channel. Ilya, their resident bladesmith/armourer is excellent, and shares my opinions about doing blacksmithing before limiting yourself to stabby killies. ;D 

Good luck and welcome to the dark side!