HI WILLOW! It’s me again, today I was to…

HI WILLOW! It’s me again, today I was torching some metal at work and had a really hard time seeing afterwords, my coworkers wear sunglasses but cause of my bad eyesight I have to wear prescription glasses. I noticed you have glasses too, do you ever wear tinted goggles or anything or do you just get used to it? Would love your input! Thank you in advance!!!

Hi, again! 😀 

When torch cutting and using a torch, I have a pair of goggles that fit over my glasses. They have a flip-down shade…several? Five? Shade five lens that I can flip up and down as necessary. I find that if I don’t wear them my eyes go a bit schvach for a while, too. 

Happy Torch Use to You! 😀