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Why Do I Charge £45 for a 3 bottle wine rack?

Someone sent me a message this very morning asking me: “Why do you think it is ok to charge £45 for a wine rack made from old horseshoes?” That is a great question! The first answer that popped into my head was to do something you should never do and answer a question with another question. Something along the lines of “Why do you think it is OK to ask me why I charge what I charge for my…

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Guest Blogger Vicky Fraser Has More to Say on Pricing!

I emailed Vicky to let her know i was singing her praises for being a teacher of marketing and helping me to move forward and she kindly said she would give me a guest blog post to post out to you guys! This is great as its my first guest and someone i know, knows what she is talking about! This is Vicky’s book which i bought and it continues to help me now!There is a link to her site and the…

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How do people see you?

How do people see you?

Have you ever wondered how people see you? I mean what light they see you in and what you are doing to portray yourself in the best light? There are alot of photos such as this where im acting the fool or being drunk. This has no place in my business now and the way people see me in conjunction with the metal work has to change! I made a habit of being too rock n roll for the longest time but now…

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You Want Me To Do What? Be Adaptable.

You Want Me To Do What? Be Adaptable.

You made your product lets call it a clock! You are proud of the clock and it can be no better! It sits straight on the desk and shines out in the light like a beacon of loveliness in a room of despair. (Sorry got carried away!) Sits proud on a table Shines out on any desk Then the world spins more slowly for a second as someone sends you an email. They can see potential in your clock but they…

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How Much!!!!?

It cant be about money when you start up! The ugly subject of money has to enter into this metalwork bliss at some point I suppose. When you first start you have to learn enough to make sure what you make stays together and is worthy of selling. Took me a while to get there i can tell you. Everyone tells you there is an equation for working out what your products ‘owe’ you. I’ve taken it from…

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I Delivered Yesterday!

Not only did i make something for a client but i was as there when it was put in place and saw the reaction of he people it was made for! This  as great! Sometimes you have to see the end-user and what they are going to do with what you made then and also see if they are happy with your work! Very often if you make something and sell it over the internet you never hear from the people again. Some…

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