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It’s nice to hear from the people who buy my i…

It’s nice to hear from the people who buy my items.
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I had an idea to go back a step in my life. I used to do the Saturday Breakfast Show on Recharged Radio and I loved it! When I wasn’t playing with the band I was doing that so I always had an outlet for showing off!! Nowadays I have no outlet for that as I’m more about business and furniture than rock n roll. Then it occurred to me that I have all the microphones in the world along with a small mixer and all the things you need to do podcasts.


Well I’ve been a bit busy making tattoo shops and learning to weld and make items that quite frankly I didn’t know I could make, but I’m now in a position to want to get back in the game!

I have a lot to say for some reason but also I know there are a lot of people who have just as much as me if not more on very interesting subjects!! Now I know you all aren’t going to be jumping for joy about a metalwork podcast so I’m going to do all subjects for all people with the importance being on a loose structure. I want conversation as well as facts let the conversation go where ever it does but all under a large banner heading.

Id love to do shows on tattoos (obvs) as well as ghosts, metalwork, life coaching, science and all kinds of subjects with guests who know their stuff! Also guest driven shows will always lead to talk about what those people find important!

What’s the first step to making this happen? Making a studio is the first step. Luckily I have quite a lot of space in my office at Madhouse Tattoo .


I’m building a purpose built table for putting the microphones on! Its important for me to make a table I want to sit at and looks and feels old and used when in fact I have only just made it!  The best way to do this is to use reclaimed metal and reclaimed wood! So the wood are very old and very warn scaffold planks that I literally picked up from the ground where they had laid In the mud for about a year!

Why the hell not just use fresh new planks! Well its because the best look you can get in my eyes is used warn down wood. I’ve scorched the top planks to add some depth and I will lightly sand it down and wax it within an inch of its life!!!!

It will give me a base of operations to go with my podcast watching base which can double as the recording studio. Then I will be planning shows and making them happen! I want to be informed about all the subjects and not just wing it like I have in the past so all of this will take time! My wife is going to help me research and I will finish the furniture and set it all up very soon!

Podcast Listening Station which can double as my studio!

Then we will be in business. What do you think? Are there shows you want me to do? comment on here if you have ideas or wants or any questions. Ill look forward to getting back in the podcast game soon!

I’m Building A Studio Baby!!

I had an idea to go back a step in my life. I used to do the Saturday Breakfast Show on Recharged Radio and I loved it!


New piece I made shows my progress.

Its been a long time and a lot has happened in the last 10 months but I’m now back and ready to write some more blogs and make myself a home base on the internet!

I’ve always wanted a place where I blog and sell and post things I’m working on and to create an audience who want to see these things but I’ll be honest I’m a bit slow on all this computer stuff. I used to be able to do my websites etc but have spent that last three years making my metal talents grow.

Ill show you new things I have made and plans for things I want to make but also we will have some features on past furniture trends. Even a view to the future and see what trends may well come to pass.

Ill be plain speaking with y’all I want to start a hand made hub so people know that they really can go out and make things happen for themselves! I did why cant you?

If you have any build stories or questions then please message me on here or leave  message on the bottom of the post.

Have you ever got to a place when you are doing something and you just cant see  way to make it work?

Have you ever got so angry and frustrated that you wanted to smash something to pieces (and actually do!) ?

Have you thought you are not good enough to make what has been asked of you ?

I have and I still do all the time. This is because I want to learn and I want to know all the skills as fast as possible and make sure that everything I make is the best it can be. This is amazing to have a want so deep that you are hard on yourself. It also shows you have a work ethic which without you will get nowhere. It is also a really bad way of motivating yourself. Take a step back take a breath walk away if you have to. I have learned the hard way and I’m speaking from experience when I say if you are too wound up or too keyed up you wont be able to function well enough to make the amazing piece you are asked to do.

Table hand made by me from 100% recycled material Lilly loves it! 

If you want my advice ill tell you this:

  1. dont beat yourself up
  2. listen to the people who actually know take advice from the right people
  3. take time away from something before you do something stupid.
  4. have faith in yourself if you have taken the time to learn your skills you can do it.

I want to make sure that people realise there is no easy way to do anything just hard work but also learning the right way to do something and not forgetting it. Practice does make perfect, the more you do something the easier it gets.

Im going to show you all the tips I know and am learning to help you get where you want to be. Just because I do metal work doesn’t mean you cant learn something from my mistakes.

Take this journey with me and lets see where we end up!

here are a few pictures of what I’ve been doing in the last ten months!


I’ve Been Away But Now I’m Back!

Its been a long time and a lot has happened in the last 10 months but I’m now back and ready to write some more blogs and make myself a home base on the internet!

Why Do I Charge £45 for a 3 bottle wine rack?

Someone sent me a message this very morning asking me: “Why do you think it is ok to charge £45 for a wine rack made from old horseshoes?” That is a great question! The first answer that popped into my head was to do something you should never do and answer a question with another question. Something along the lines of “Why do you think it is OK to ask me why I charge what I charge for my…

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Now i have reached a stage where i am pretty sure, out of all the products i make which ones will…

Now i have reached a stage where i am pretty sure, out of all the products i make which ones will sell for Christmas but it has not always been that way. Obviously working exclusively in mild steel i was limited at the start on what to make, let alone sell. I found solace in the arms of a horseshoe.

I decided however, that i would make these products my own, rather than just making the same things id seen round the place or on the interweb! There is one glaring example where i did do what everyone else does though because i was asked to and that was make a horse shoe wine rack! Life conspired against me by offering me money to make a wine rack for a customer, that triggered me making more wine racks than anything else my first year and i am grateful for the push!

Yet again like yesterday, my plan was altered away from what it started out as. This is going to happen in all things and remember to be flexible to a because money buys you freedom to some extent. Freedom to make and sell what you want but still having some stock of the things you know sell well.

6 bottle wine rack
This is one of two i made for the same person and it looks amazing with silver paint and full of wine!
3 bottle wine rack
I never wanted to make these but people love them so sometimes go where the money takes you so you can have the freedom to make what you want to!

So i wanted to make a small! Something everyone could afford and would be useful! Still with the horseshoes but new ones this time! I thought what is it everyone has these days and most people are glued to? IPads, Tablets and Mobile Phones. I decided to design and make an iPad stand that would also be good for Kitchen use with big recipe books so therefore open to a lot of prospective customers of all ages. It had to be cheap but still be bespoke and hand made! This is what i came up with:

I thought long and hard about what this needed to achieve IE: a tablet or a book resting on it so needed to be wide enough but also stable so the book would not fall over. I have sold a good amount of these as they are not expensive and serve a purpose that most people can relate to and therefore may need!

Always look at what people may need and like my wheel stoves, you may not know if they will sell. Once you have the design and how to make it sorted out make them to order so if you do not get any orders it doesn’t cost you anything.

There are a lot of little makers in the world so marketing is important too. Go see an earlier blog where i explain that! (Marketing Tips With A Twist!) 

Let me know what you are making it does not have to be metal work and if you are unsure how to sell what you make or want any pointers email me Here

All  your Christmas Products needs can be found on the Etsy Shop Right here you never know you may find the answer you to your gift worries there!

Christmas Products!

Now i have reached a stage where i am pretty sure, out of all the products i make which ones will sell for Christmas but it has not always been that way.

Illness is just plain boring. I was sat in bed thinking I can take this opportunity to think out all…

Illness is just plain boring. I was sat in bed thinking I can take this opportunity to think out all my blogs and make plans! Do you know what i actually did? Nothing i was just ill my brain was on fire and it was all bad! Now i am just left with the most annoying cough in the land! You cough all you want but nothing ever happens! Anyway before i get into the dos and do nots of illness let move back on to the topic of metalwork and providing you with insights and tips as well as seeing if i can make it relevant to life in general to!

I wanted to look at the topic of evolution. No not the animal kingdom but the way things you make often evolve from the design you had in mind, be it because what you thought of does not work or simply that you find a better, bolder, stronger and maybe easier way of doing things.

The bench I am making for my friends Kerry and Spencer. It started off as an industrial bench with two legs made from 40 x 40 x 3mm box section. This would have given a clean look in the industrial fashion but in reality when you are looking at something that is going to get a lot of use you have to be aware of the fact that it needs to be solid enough to take on two maybe three people! It also needs to be strong enough to have kids jumping all over it and not collapse after 10 minutes which sadly is what would have happened if i had left the design untouched!

As you can see from the pictures the bench looks great but it simply would not last! Obviously I am frustrated because I have this idea in my head which I cant move past right away! So i did what I always do in times of uncertainty. I send a whats app message to the guys I share the yard with and got their opinion. Usually there is some piss taking that goes on but they usually come up with a plan if i cant or support or shoot down a theory i have depending on how stupid i am being! Alex suggested side supports welded to the legs and then screwed to the wood. I wanted to stay with the clean lines but knew this would be the best way to move on. As i now had confirmation from someone i trust that the idea would work that is what i did!

There is a lesson here somewhere and it goes like this. Do not be afraid to deviate from your plan as if it’s not going to work there is no point in holding on to it. Also, if you have people around you that you can trust to give you good advice, make sure you run your new plans by them. You do not have to be alone in these things, seek advice where you can or even just confirmation of what you know as that way you will not have to keep making mistakes through lack of knowledge.

All the bench parts

With all the parts made and smoothed and ready for paint it wont be long now till its done!

Its all ready to go to paint and by that I mean I have to rattle can paint it which I hate as I am not good at it but i am learning. Ill do another bench blog to show you the end result, that way you can see what has taken me so long to create.

This also may give you an idea for something you might want built or want to build your self and if i can be of any help let me know.

Tomorrows blog is all about looking at products for Christmas as that is a time when everybody has half an eye on what would make a great present for great aunt Joyce. Lets see if i can get you thinking on what to get her. Have a look at my Etsy shop and you can see what i sell at this time of year! Click me!

I Left You For A Time But I Am Back Now Building Benches!

Illness is just plain boring. I was sat in bed thinking I can take this opportunity to think out all my blogs and make plans!

Guest Blogger Vicky Fraser Has More to Say on Pricing!

I emailed Vicky to let her know i was singing her praises for being a teacher of marketing and helping me to move forward and she kindly said she would give me a guest blog post to post out to you guys! This is great as its my first guest and someone i know, knows what she is talking about! This is Vicky’s book which i bought and it continues to help me now!There is a link to her site and the…

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How do people see you?

How do people see you?

Have you ever wondered how people see you? I mean what light they see you in and what you are doing to portray yourself in the best light? There are alot of photos such as this where im acting the fool or being drunk. This has no place in my business now and the way people see me in conjunction with the metal work has to change! I made a habit of being too rock n roll for the longest time but now…

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I Delivered Yesterday!

Not only did i make something for a client but i was as there when it was put in place and saw the reaction of he people it was made for! This  as great! Sometimes you have to see the end-user and what they are going to do with what you made then and also see if they are happy with your work! Very often if you make something and sell it over the internet you never hear from the people again. Some…

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I sit on a chair most of the day at my job in the tattoo shop when i am not on my feet with clients,…

I sit on a chair most of the day at my job in the tattoo shop when i am not on my feet with clients, talking through their artwork desires. I bought the chair, its ugly but functional! I sit at a desk all the time I am at work when I am not on my feet etc etc. Do you see where i am going with this? We all sit at or on furniture we all have places where we put our books or magazine and indeed places to sit on or at at home to. Furniture is something that you pick for yourself because you like it or it was cheap or it was just something you felt you needed.

I now can make my own furniture. We needed a new table for the entryway in our home and if I was to buy the table i wanted it would be way out of my price range. I said to my wife ill have a go at making it. To her credit she didn’t laugh at me she simply said OK and told me the kind of table she would like and luckily we agreed the design.

It’s a daunting thing making something that will be used everyday by your family or even by a customer as they will be reminded of you every time it does something bad. If it rocks on its legs its your fault! If it is not flat on the table top that is your fault etc etc!

Make sure if you are making steel legged wooden topped tables chairs or anything with a right angle in it you have a few of these:


You cannot do level straight or true tables or chairs without these guiding magnets! Make sure to keep the edges clean or it wont stay a true 90 degrees!

These magnetic beauties along with a solid metal flat and level surface will mean you can get all your corners the exact angle you want them and that is the key to making great furniture! So now ill show you the table I made. The wood table top was sanded burned stained and waxed so woodwork is even harder than metalwork but the two together I think, look great!

I love the fact that this can now sit in my house and the fact that when someone comes into the place my son stops the person and says “My daddy made that!”

It’s very satisfying to make furniture something people will use constantly and will stand the test of time. I made a console table in the same kind of style to sell which is available should you feel the need to have something now one else in the world has!

Console Table

Hand made by me for use in front rooms or to work on or even by the bed as a night stand!

I haven’t been doing this that long but already I am making things I never thought possible. What ever it is you are doing this shows one thing. If you are serious about your subject you can do it!

I was also asked to make a metal work bench for a customer but that is another blog!

Click on me to see more about the console table and you can own a hand-made piece of furniture that will last for years to come.

Furniture!!!? I Cant Make That!

I sit on a chair most of the day at my job in the tattoo shop when i am not on my feet with clients, talking through their artwork desires.